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Rosa Cervera
Georgin Higueras
Ramón Calduch
Marcelo Muñoz
Mar Perona
Victor Cortizo
Gloria Claudio
Kurt Grotsch
María Rosa Cervera Sardá
Rosa Cervera.jpg

Doctor Architect. Professor at the University of Alcalá and Director of the  Master's degree in Advanced Architecture and City Projects. Former Director of the School of Architecture of said University.
Author of various writings and books on architecture, among which we highlight: "Bionics, Biomimicry and Architecture" (2019); “Space and Time in Architectural Composition” (2018); Recycling Mumbai. Re-envisioning the slum” (2012). “Madrid, Recycled City” (2011), “Iron in the Madrid architecture of the 19th century” (2006).
For his professional work she has received the following awards: Gold Spark Award (2019); UAH Social Council Award for Knowledge Transfer (2017), Golden Global Award (Singapore) (2008), “Honors Award” from the “Foundation for Architectural and Environmental Awareness” (New Delhi) (2007), COAM Award (1988) and "Antonio Maura" Award from the Madrid City Council (1988).

He has won various international architecture competitions, including: Embassy Complex of the People's Republic of China in Spain; Feng Cheng Administrative Center, Shanghai (China); Education Center, Feng Cheng; National Water Museum in Hangzhou (2nd prize international competition); Xixi Hotel in Hangzhou; Tai Da Plaza in Chengdu (1st prize); Bridge over the Hai He in Tianjin (3rd prize), as well as the Bionic Tower Vertical Garden City, a mega-biostructure designed to contain a city in a new proposal for vertical urbanism.

Víctor Cortizo Rodríguez 

Lawyer and university professor. Founding Partner of CORTIZO LEGAL (Madrid) with a permanent presence in China since 2005.

University professor and Director of the Degree in International Relations at the Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid and Co-director of the "Diego de Pantoja" Chinese Hispanic Center of the UFV.

Participant in numerous trips to China related to all kinds of business, legal assistance, investment attraction or cultural exchanges. He has accompanied several Spanish companies in relation to their activity in that market. He has participated in numerous bilateral meetings such as: Spain-China Investment Forums, the Assembly of the Asian Development Bank, and has been part of several Chinese delegations that have visited different Spanish business, political and social organisations. He has participated in numerous forums and meetings in the People's Republic of China.

Ramón María Calduch
Ramon Maria Calduch.jpg

-Bachelor's degree in Economic and Business Science from the University of Barcelona
-Bachelor's degree in Law from the Open University of Catalonia
-PhD in Law from the Abad Oliva-CEU University of Barcelona
-PhD Honoris Causa in Economics from Constantinian University
-Diploma in Community Law

-Master's degree in Higher Technician in Prevention of Occupational Risks

-Master's degree in Anthropology of Medicine.

PhD. Calduch holds positions such as President of the ADADE Foundation, President of ALARIS AUDITORES Y CONSULTORES, Vice President of the European Foundation for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Vice President of PEFOTS, CEO of (Advisor Consulting for Chinese-Spanish Investments), AENOR Expert in international standardisation, Member of ISO / TC249, among others.



Georgina Higueras

Journalist specialised in Asia, writer and assistant professor at different universities, including Hubei University (People's Republic of China). Bachelor's degree in Information Science from the UCM, in 1979. Master's degree in History of China's International Relations (1839-1949) from Peking University, in 1981. Delegate of the EFE Agency in Peking (1982-1984), of Cadena SER in Russia (1997-2001) and for 25 years special correspondent in Asia. She is the author of "China, the Dragon's Revenge" and "Asia Awakens". Co-author of "China in my eyes" and "Haiti, a bet on hope". "In Search of my Chinese Sister" is her first work of fiction.


Gloria Claudio Quiroga
Gloria Claudio.jpeg

Tenured Professor at the Francisco de Vitoria University. Co-director of the UFV's Diego de Pantoja Chinese Hispanic Center. PhD in Economics from the Complutense University. Master's degree in Humanities from UFV. Researcher of Center for Spanish Studies Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College. Visiting professor at Notre Dame University, USA. 25 years of experience as a university professor in the area of ​​World Economy. Her research activity focuses on economies in transition and -for 15 years- on the Chinese economy with the publication of numerous papers in relevant magazines and books. The dissemination of her work is also carried out through congresses, conferences, participation in round tables and interviews in the media.

Kurt Grötsch
Bachelor's degree in Philology and Psychology; PhD in Roman Philology, University of Erlangen, FRG.

1986 Executive MBA, Business School, Madrid. Business School, Madrid).

1984- 1987 Professor at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, international art exchanges (ists)

1987-1993 Director at Tandem, Madird, IKL in Barcelona.

1993 General Director of Marketing of the Parque de los Descubiertas Theme Park, Seville and Executive Director of Projects of the Theme Park of the Universal Exhibition, Hannover 2000.

2006 (present) Director of the Flamenco Dance Museum, Cristina Hoyos, Seville.

2011 CEO of Chinese Friendly International (Member of UNWTO, partner of WTCF (Peking-based World Tourism Cities Federation; Best Partner Award, 2017)

2012 Co-founder of Cátedra China, since 2019 Vice President

2016 President of the Silk Road Experience Group (member of the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce, Xi’an)

2018 Founding President of the Institute of Arts Management (with Chinese partners)

2019 Appointed Ambassador of Minzu University of China (Peking 1919)

2020 Award of the Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany
Mar Perona Alfageme
Mar Perona 2.jpg

PhD. in Economic Science from the Complutense University of Madrid. Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management from the University College of Financial Studies (CUNEF).

She has been teaching university courses in the fields of Business Management and International Relations for more than 20 years. She is currently a professor at the Complutense, Alfonso X El Sabio and Francisco de Vitoria Universities. Her research activity focuses on the transfer of knowledge in the international environment and on the economic analysis of China.

She has lived for several years in China, a country she knows extensively. She is Treasurer of the Cátedra China. She has been a coordinator of the China 360 radio programme. She has been a speaker at the Universities of Ningbo (People's Republic of China), the University of Budapest in Hungary and St. Pölten in Austria.

Marcelo Muñoz
Marcelo Muñoz.jpg

Dean of the Spanish businessmen and businesswomen in China. 40 years of experience in China, as a businessman, lecturer and political scientist. Author of "The Chinese Enigma", "China 2050" and numerous articles on the Chinese reality in different publications.

In 1978 he set up the first Spanish company in China, Commercial Consulting, with offices in Peking and, successively, in Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Tianjin, Suzhou and others. 


He has collaborated with foreign trade agencies of Autonomous Communities and Chambers of Commerce. With ICEX, in addition to other collaborations, in 1999 he directed the Spanish Pavilion at the Kunming International Expo. With AECI, he set up and co-chaired the Tianjin Agricultural Technology Institute for four years (2000-2004). He has lived in China and travelled to China more than a hundred times. He has participated in thousands of commercial negotiations, technical and commercial seminars; advising hundreds of Spanish companies. He has also participated in multiple information forums, debates and conferences on China.


Founder and President of Cátedra China.



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